SabertoothPro VC550 AutoPod Phone-Tablet Mount

SabertoothPro VC550 AutoPod Phone-Tablet Mount

SabertoothPro VC550 AutoPod Phone-Tablet Mount


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Transform your iOS or Android smartphone with the SabertoothPro AutoPod motorized facial tracking phone & tablet mount. The camera application facial recognition tracks the image, elevates your photo and video skills for vlogging, live video demonstration, still motion detection, or family vacations.

Simply, download the app by accessing the IOS app store/Google Play Store.The smartphone holder expands to hold various sized devices, slide your device into the holder, making sure the device Camera is facing in front toward you. There is no need to manually pair the device via Bluetooth. Simply launch the Autopod Apai Genie companion app and within 6 seconds, the mount will automatically connect to your device. It’s that simple..say hello to better high quality selfie shots and premium video recording capabilities with motion detection timer.

Hands free facial recognition, face tracking and object tracking via Bluetooth creates the finest quality images, and the perfect content every time!

SabertoothPro AutoPod Benefits

Moving Object Tracking
Pre-installed ultra modern Intelligent Track software innovation, Real-time object tracking shadow function, pursue the movement of your target, and automatically catch stunning panorama.

Intelligent Smart Shadow
The PTZ (Pan,Tilt,Zoom) follows the object to finish a variation of sequence photography. The camera interface tacks onto the target, and completes the perfect pose. Machine learning combined with eyesight algorithms, makes creating the perfect shot easier.

Facial Tracking Photo Steadicam
Built in facial tracking, it’s like having your own personal automated camera operator following you around. Once the item is selected a green square will surround it, the AutoPod will track it as it moves. Allowing you to simply focus on the professional video content you're trying to create.

Intuitive Cameraman
Start taking pictures or videos in an instant, allowing you to take and capture the perfect photo shoot. Auto capture pictures with our smart learning motion detection, with built-in countdown timer. Phone rotates 360 degrees to follow you and keep you centered in the frame when shooting videos or taking pictures.

AI Format Configuration
Automatically create professional configuration development while photo shooting on objects, people, places. Tweak your Photos our app has a variety of built-in photo icon filters. Apai Genie introduces canvas configuration and scalable AI technology into the intuitive photo shooting interface.

Effortless Performance
Apai Genie is an easy to use software, comparable to a native camera, no registration required, automatically connected, with no complicated tutorials to begin using the intuitive photo app.

Control Compartment
Ultra-low power consumption Bluetooth V 5.0 chip, proficient power-saving innovation for our replaceable battery design.

Technology To Expand Your World!


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