7 Reasons to Consider Buying a Voice Translator


In America, 75% of people don't speak a second language. If you're one of these people, this shouldn't hold you back from traveling the world or communicating with people of different cultures. 

Thanks to voice translator technology, it no longer has to. 

There are several voice translator features that can help you live better. New devices for translation are not only better than translation apps but are affordable too. 

Read on to learn 7 reasons why you should buy a voice translator. 

1. Easy to Use and Saves Time

These days, an all language voice translator can help you decipher every language there is. 

You may wonder why you should get a voice translator device instead of using an app. The truth is that voice translators save you time and prevent uncomfortable situations. 

When using an app to talk to someone, you need to open up the app, continually change the settings, switch over the language, and so on. The person you're talking to has to wait while you do all of this.

With a voice translator set up though, you only have to push a button. A two-way translator means less work on your end. 

As technology advances, voice translators have also become smaller, more lightweight, and easier to carry around.  

2. Conversation Is Smoother

Voice translators also make holding a conversation with others smoother. This is because a fast voice translator allows you to hold a conversation in real-time. They're also more accurate than other apps like Google Translate. 

This accuracy is extremely important when you need directions or exact information. 

When using a translator device, you're also able to make better eye contact and less likely to miss body language cues. 

3. It's More Reliable

Investing in a voice translator is safer and more reliable, especially when traveling. 

When using an app on your phone, there's always the chance that your phone will die. Then what? You're unable to talk to anyone for help, and you can't use your phone. 

Most translation apps also rely on WiFi. This can become expensive to maintain, and worse yet, you'll be stranded if you lose connection. This isn't an issue with translation devices because you can use an electronic translator without WiFi. 

Perhaps you're using a human translator, so these aren't issues for you. The truth is that devices for translation are more versatile because they know more languages, and they're cheaper. It's a one time fee of under $100 versus an average of $25/hour.

4. Make Travel Easy

People all around the world love to travel for several reasons, and the best translator device makes it easy. 

When you don't know the native language, it's all but impossible to find your way around without getting lost. Translation devices make it easier to understand directions. 

What good is travel if you can't find any restaurants, shops, or attractions? What if you get to a restaurant but you can't read the menu or even talk to the waiter? A travel translator is an easy solution. 

5. Learn a New Language

There are, of course, more reasons to buy a voice translator than for the sake of travel.

In fact, many people have found that they can use voice translation features to learn different languages. 

All you have to do is talk into the device and study the translations. Many educational resources for teaching languages focus on the importance of learning through listening. You may only learn basic phrases this way, but it's much cheaper than paying for lessons. 

6. Bridge Professional Gaps

Voice translation devices have the power to transform the workplace for many professions. Any profession that involves speaking with others can use these devices to bridge communication gaps. 

A businessman, for example, might meet with international investors or board members. Using a Bluetooth translator will help those people to feel welcome, and the businessman can focus on reading their body language. 

Minorities frequently avoid the doctor because they have a hard time understanding what the doctor says and suggests. Incorporating translation devices in healthcare facilities can improve patient care and attendance. 

Even law enforcement officers and social workers could use help when communicating with non-native English speakers during an emergency.  

7. It Beats Subtitles 

There are several opportunities where subtitles are used that it would be more beneficial for voice translation to be used instead. One such example is in educational resources. 

For students learning a new topic, it can be harder to comprehend the information when reading it in one language and listening to it in another. Due to different rates of speaking and some language translations, students might have a hard time keeping up with the pace while reading subtitles. 

In addition, a lot of eLearning material has a visual component. It can be difficult to read subtitles and pay attention to the visual portion of a video. 

Switching to voice translation devices solves all of these issues. If you're a student and your school doesn't translate the material for you, you can get your own voice translator.

The same can be said for similar materials such as transcripts. 

Get a Voice Translator Today

Voice translators solve problems for some and provide learning opportunities to others. Whether you're a student, professional, or love to travel, it can make your life easier.

No matter what you need it for, investing in a voice translator is a better alternative to translation apps. 

As technology evolves, translators continue to get more accurate, easier to carry around, and more affordable. 

If you're in need of the best Bluetooth voice translator available, visit our shop today.