Titan Wifi Home Hotspot Device
Titan Wifi Home Pro Hotspot Device
Titan Wifi Home Pro Hotspot Device
Titan Wifi Home Pro Hotspot Device
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Titan Wifi Home Pro Hotspot Device

The Titan is engineered to utilize all three major 5G LTE mobile networks providing ultimate reliability

Powerful CPU and memory

Enables the best high speed, low latency dual-band wireless data connection.

15-Day Trial Period: If you're not enjoying the Titan Home Pro within 15 days, get your money back. (Refund does not include service or activation fees. See terms & conditions for more info) 


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Discover At SabertoothPro

Monthly Subscription

Don’t lock yourself into a contract. Simply pay as a monthly subscription.

15-Day Trial Period

Easily submit a return within 15 days of purchase. Please see terms and conditions for details.

Nationwide Coverage

Titan always connects to the strongest available connection.

Us-Based Support

Titan is here to help you through every step of the process.


Does the Titan receive lower priority on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon networks (like MVNO providers) than carrier-specific products?

No, the Titan being a Cloud SIM device does not lower the priority level. Carriers prioritize based on coverage area, how many devices are connected, and usage.

Is there a plan for 5G?

Currently, our devices utilize the 4G LTE network. But stay tuned for future 5G products.

Does the WiFi connection have user-adjustable security settings?

Yes, the Titan Mobile does offer customizable security settings. Such as a customizable network name & password. It also has the ability to blacklist devices from the network.

What is the warranty on the product?

Do you handle warranty issues and exchanges directly with customers or would we need to coordinate? - All new products come with a 15-day return period for refunds. They also include a year warranty for manufacturer defects. All claims must go through the provider.

Do you have a PDF of the owner manual available for review?


Terms of Service

Terms of ServiceCharges for Mobile Hotspot Plans

All Charges for Mobile hotspot plans, which you purchase from Sabertooth Pro, are paid in advance. Full payment is due at the beginning of each pay period. Under no circumstances will any proration of the charges be made regardless of the length of service provided by Sabertooth Pro during the plan period.

Device Purchases and Returns

Any hotspot product purchased from Sabertooth Pro may be returned to us within 15 days in the same condition it was delivered (some conditions apply). Customers are responsible for the return of the products purchased within the 15-day trial period. The product must be returned in its original packaging for a refund.  All physical products sold must be returned before a refund is provided. Any device purchase is considered a separate purchase from your service. Following the 15-day trial period, you are not entitled to any refund for your purchase for any reason. 

Products that include service come with a 15-day trial period. If you choose to cancel within the trial period, a refund will be given that excludes 15 days of service, a $36 Activation fee, and a $10 SIM/vSIM fee. All subscription-only purchases are final. Once you complete the purchase, no refund can be issued. 

A restocking fee of $25 will apply to device-only purchases above $99. If returned in the first 15 days, the fee will be subtracted from the refund amount. 

If you fail to comply with any of these charges, the product you purchased from Sabertooth Pro will be withdrawn. You will not seek and are not entitled to any chargeback or other credit from your bank or credit card company. 

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Key Benefits

  • Dual Band Wireless Router

    Works with all three major LT networks in the U.S., automatically switches to the best service!

  • Supports Up To 32 Devices

    Securely connect up to 32 devices at once.

  • 15-Day Trial Period

    If you’re not enjoying Titan within 15 days, get your money back! (Refund does not include service or activation fees. See Terms & Conditions for more information.)


  • 128MB RAM | 16 MB ROM
  • FDD-LTE Bands: 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/9/12/13/17/18/19/20/25/26/28/34/38/39/40/41/66
  • WCDMA Bands: 1/2/4/5/6/8/9/19
  • WLAN 2.4GHz/300Mbps | 5GHz/866Mbps
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Product Details

  • With the Titan 5G Home Pro you get all three major LTE nationwide wireless carriers, therefore ensuring the best signal coverage while traveling on business or simply on vacation. Increasing wifi coverage for consumers that live in rural locations, travel in recreational vehicles, boating or whatever application you need for the best Internet experience nationwide.