SabertoothPro DB150 Safe Charging USB Data Blocker

SabertoothPro DB150 Safe Charging USB Data Blocker

SabertoothPro DB150 Safe Charging USB Data Blocker


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Protect and secure your smartphone with our SabertoothPro USB Safe Charging Data Blocker. Our data blocker allows you to connect into USB charging ports. Including Airports, Hotels, Ride Sharing, Coffee Shops,Charging Stations, etc.

The purpose of using our data protection, is simply to eliminate the ongoing risk of compromising your smartphone, tablet, or computer notebook with unwanted malware or viruses. Prevent hackers from the installation of any encrypted code to
steal your personal data. Hackers setup charging stations, allowing them to create free access into your device without you ever knowing of this data breach. If you connect wired or wireless through public internet service, there is no way to know how safe they really are.

The SabertoothPro USB Data Blocker changes all of that, you can utilize our technology to feel safe wherever you are on the road. Prevent any accidental transfer of data, open USB ports will always be an opportunity for malicious behavior.

The USB Data Blocker is compatible with Apple iOS or Android technology devices and connects to your USB cable.

Works with all major brands of mobile devices
Includes iOS Apple iPhone, Android products, Google, LG, or Samsung devices.

Use the USB Data Blocker anywhere
Our premium USB Data Blocker can be used at Hotels, Rental Car, Airport, Coffee Shop, etc.

100% Certification Data protection
Be assured that our premium Data Blocker is certified by our manufacturer for 100% reliability.

Complete Data protection
Protects your smartphone, tablet or notebook computer from hackers and unauthorized data transfers.

SabertoothPro USB Safe Charging Data Blocker is a preferred brand for consumers and businesses for it's quality and reliability the world over.

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