• The Titan Home Pro

  • Enables the Best High Speed, Low Latency Dual Band Wireless Data Connection

The Titan Home Pro

Enables the Best High Speed, Low Latency Dual Band Wireless Data Connection Shop Now
  • Features
  • 32 connected devices
  • 2.4GHz & 5GHz
  • Cloud SIM Technology
  • True Tri-Carrier Access
  • 24/7 Data Monitoring
  • Rapid Carrier Switch technology
  • Titan Home Pro
  • Satellite

Powerful CPU & Memory

The Titan Dual Band Home Pro Router is packed with specifcations of: 128MB RAM and 16MB ROM, WLAN 2.4GHz/300Mbps and 5GHz/866Mbps. Most importantly you don’t have to buy three seperate wireless data plans, we have combined all 3 major wireless carriers in one device, giving you unmatched reliability, balance, and connectivity. Wireless technology and innovation that has otherwise been unavailable to the masses in remote areas of the country.

Great for Stationary or Home use

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Fast 4G Speeds

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The Titan Home Pro

The New Generation Home Wifi Device

Fast 4G Speeds

Up To 300GN+ More Data

Fast 4G Speeds

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Fast 4G Speeds

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The Titan Home Pro

Enables the Best High Speed, Low Latency Dual Band Wireless Data Connection.

With the Titan 5G Home Pro you get all three major LTE nationwide wireless carriers, therefore ensuring the best signal coverage while at home, traveling on business or simply on vacation. Increasing Wi-Fi coverage for consumers that live in rural locations, travel in recreational vehicles, boating, or whatever application you need for the best internet experience. With our no contract, pay as you go data plans, you have the ability to stream, play online games, take video calls, or just surf the web.

Customer Testimonials


I’ve been using the Titan Home Pro for 2 months and absolutely love it! I was referred by a friend who has been with them for 8 months. Today I signed up for a year!

- Teri B

I have been using this as my main mode of wifi for about 9 months now. I travel a lot, have had to move a lot, and don’t have unlimited data. Their customer services is always so helpful and patient. Thank you, Sabertooth!

- Theo J

I love this company, great products and services and terrific support. Sabertooth Tech Group helped us solve a challenging connectivity issue.

- Cathy T

Great service! We can’t get internet where I live, but Sabertooth came to the rescue. Their service was lifesaving during COVID. 4 kids distance learning and 2 parents working from home.

- Larry G

Wifi Hotspot Device for Home

Introducing the new Titan 4G Mobile/Home Pro hotspot, powered by a Qualcomm chipset innovation to give you unmatched performance, congestion monitoring and instant wireless network re-selection to find the strongest 4G signal from the top 3 mobile providers in the country. Allowing you fast 4G LTE technology speed, and the most reliable internet connection. supporting up to 10 devices simultaneously. The Titan mobile and home pro Modem/Router comes standard with our patented CloudSIM technology, enabling SIM free connectivity, a pay as you go, no contract, smart choice for premium USA nationwide wireless coverage. It’s time to go beyond what a single wireless carrier network can provide, and upgrade to the best Tri-Carrier next generation wireless network access provides. Keeping you connected in rural areas of the US, airports, recreational vehicles or anywhere life takes you!

WiFi Hotspot Device for Home

One of the best technologies you can take advantage of is a WiFi hotspot for your home. These devices can improve internet security, network performance, and connection stability. Don't settle for low-quality WiFi in your home when you can use a top-notch 4G mobile device.

Benefits of Home WiFi Hotspot

Below are the top advantages of having a home WiFi spot. These hotspots are highly beneficial whether you live alone in the city or have a large household in the middle of a rural area.

Quality Internet Connection: With a home WiFi hotspot device, you can maintain fast and reliable connections. Internet performance is often quicker and more consistent.

Ease of Use: Setting up and connecting to a home WiFi hotspot is simpler than other WiFi systems but provides equal or better connections.

WiFi Sharing: One of the main benefits of a home WiFi hotspot is how easy sharing is between friends and family on the same hotspot.

More Stable Connection: With a WiFi hotspot, you get a longer and more stable connection. Hotspots have more security because they operate independently from hardline networks.

Shop Home Wifi Hotspot Online

Looking for a reliable home WiFi hotspot? Look no further than SaberToothPro. Our home WiFi hotspot device is the perfect solution for providing fast, reliable Internet access for all your devices. Whether you're streaming movies, working from home, or just need to stay connected, our home WiFi hotspot has you covered.

With our easy-to-use online shop, getting the home WiFi hotspot you need has never been easier. Simply select the device that best fits your needs and add it to your cart. Our secure checkout process ensures that your personal and financial information is kept safe.

So why wait? Shop home WiFi hotspots online at SaberToothPro today and enjoy the convenience and reliability of a top-quality device. With our wide selection and competitive prices, we're sure to have the perfect home WiFi hotspot for you. Don't let slow, unreliable Internet hold you back any longer – get a home WiFi hotspot from SaberToothPro and stay connected no matter where you are.


Below are a few helpful questions and answers.

What is a home WiFi hotspot?

A WiFi hotspot device for home is a physical location where people can access the network through WiFi. You can use the WiFi in the vicinity of the property via a WLAN and router reliant on an internet service provider.

How does a home WiFi hotspot work?

These hotspots use wireless data from cellular carriers, giving you internet access on your phone or another mobile device. These WiFi spots utilize 4G networks for optimum speed and connection.

How do I set up a WiFi hotspot at home?

Setting up a hotspot is easy. Turn on the WiFi device and search for the network on your device. You should be able to connect to the network. If not, refer to the hotspot device's instructions for troubleshooting.