50 mbps


  • 50 Mbps Baseline Speed
  • Enjoy downloads, uploads, gaming, and streaming ultra-HD content.

100 mbps


  • 100 Mbps Baseline Speed
  • Download and upload content, play games, or stream ultra-HD content

300 mbps


  • 300 Mbps Baseline Speed
  • Ideal for heavy usage, designed for working professionals

Get Access to High-Speed Internet for Your Personal and Office Needs

Presenting lightning-fast WiFi Internet for a new generation of Internet users. Cudy CAT 12 5G & 4G LTE device is set to revolutionize your online experience with high-level LTE-A Pro technology and data rates of up to 600/150 Mbps. Choose one of the US Cellular Internet plans and unlock an immersive browsing experience.

Why CAT 12 5G & 4G LTE Device

Versatile Antenna Configuration

With a replaceable cellular antenna interface that offers various installation options, you can enhance signal connectivity with a 4 x 5dBi cellular antenna and a 2x5dBi WiFi antenna for an improved WiFi experience.

Customizable Cellular Connectivity

The router empowers users to choose and use external cellular antennas via an SMA connector. The detachable design of the cellular antenna offers flexibility for outdoor use. Opt for the configuration that suits your needs and effortlessly optimize your cellular connectivity.

Always-On Connectivity With Dual SIM and WAN Failover

With dual SIM slots, you can ensure seamless internet access. Build redundancy with a WAN connection and ensure uninterrupted connectivity with landline internet at all times. You can choose to use both or one of the SIM slots or rely on Cudy's auto-selection.

Enjoy VPN Compatibility with Multiple VPN Clients

The 5G router offers built-in support for various VPN providers, such as PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, WireGuard, Zerotier, and IPsec. You can set up secure connections to VPN servers and keep your online data safe. Compatible with over 20 DDNS providers, you can conveniently manage remote cameras while ensuring data privacy and security.

Low-Latency Internet at Competitive Prices

Real-time responses are crucial to today's corporate needs. For smoother interactions online with your teams and streaming of content across different platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Cudy CAT 12 is your go-to router. And what's even better is you don't have to splurge to own this next-gen router device. With our reasonably priced US cellular hotspot plans, you can take advantage of 5G LTE high-speed Internet.

Choose a US Cellular WiFi Plan Based on Your Needs

The 50 Mbps plan

Supports diverse user needs. The baseline speed is 50 Mbps, but depending on your data consumption patterns, it can offer up to 800 GB at high speed for a seamless experience. If usage ranges between 801 GB and 1 TB, browse at 1.5 Mbps or 3 Mbps.

The 100 Mbps plan

Experience reliable connectivity with up to 800 GB of high-speed data. With a stable connection, you can download and upload content, play games, and stream ultra-HD content. Beyond 800 GB, browse at 3 Mbps speed until 1 TB and then at 1.5 Mbps speed for usage beyond.

The 300 Mbps plan

Ideal for heavy internet usage. Designed for home and office needs. Hold virtual meetings, work on cloud-based platforms, and use shared drives with this high-speed data plan. Browse at 3 Mbps speed if usage extends beyond 800 GB and at 1.5 Mbps beyond 1 TB.

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