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Who We Are

Sabertooth Tech Group believes in a simple business philosophy: building connections across great distances through innovative and empowering technology. The solutions we endorse are ones we truly believe in, and that offer more freedom to individuals without sacrificing their connectivity. The crucial role of technology today is to make positive improvements in our lives. As an internet provider, we see the importance of consistent, reliable connections for our everyday experiences. A strong network allows us to more freely learn, communicate, and work how and where we want to.

At Sabertooth Tech Group, we’ve tailored our business to create commonsense solutions to frustrating problems, including connection gaps in rural areas and for frequent travelers. The internet service we provide and the devices we carry simplify the internet connection experience, whether you’re searching for a fast home connection or a reliable hotspot while you’re on the road. We believe excellent products and services should be matched by an ideal customer experience. When you need assistance, our team is here to provide guidance and clarity. Internet issues can be frustrating; getting help with them never should be.

Our team is proud of the impact we’ve seen our services make. Great connectivity brings us all closer together, from world travelers to busy families and everyone in between.

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Our Story

From day 1, we’ve been interested in the ways new technology can help us break down barriers and build relationships. A cornerstone of who we are is providing support and insights that empower the average person to leverage technology for themselves.

Whether or not you become a Sabertooth customer, we’re still committed to providing beneficial information on how the tech space is changing, and how these trends can be integrated into your everyday life. Our blog and social media are here to provide information that keeps you in the loop.

Ultimately, our journey is guided by a passion for bridging gaps and enabling meaningful connections. Every innovation we pursue, every product we produce, and every service we provide is driven by our commitment to making the digital world more accessible, intuitive, and empowering. Together, we’re creating a future where technology breaks down barriers and brings us closer, no matter the distance. Join us as we continue to redefine what’s possible, delivering seamless connectivity and unparalleled support to keep you connected to what matters most.