7 Tips to Using a Travel Translator for Beginners

Even if you are a polyglot or linguist who has knowledge about several languages, in our modern world, you will still be likely to run into people who communicate in a language you aren't familiar with. 

Some countries, like the U.S., have more than 300 million languages you may encounter. More companies are allowing more employees to work remotely, including people from foreign countries. 

So how much you personally travel isn't determinative. You still have the chance to engage with others who are traveling or even living next door, who speak another language. For these reasons, the likelihood of engaging with people who speak a language other than your own is becoming common.

No matter how or why you need to communicate arises, there is no doubt that having a travel translator available will help the conversation go more smoothly.

Here are some tips to put your travel translator to use in your home town, workplace, and while globetrotting.

1. Set Up Your Translator at Home

Many travel translators have real-time access to many languages. But some of the languages must be downloaded to your phone ahead of time in order to have access to them on the road. So make sure your translator is fully loaded with the language(s) you think you may need.

Using the real-time voice feature usually requires having a strong internet connection. By downloading the language pack in advance, you can help ensure you will be able to use the translator in more locations and situations. 

2. Practice Using Your Translator

As with any new electronic device, spend some time getting familiar with your travel translator features. One way you can do this by speaking some common phrases using your native language. Then listen to the travel translator to hear what the phrase sounds like in your target language. 

Testing travel translators ahead of time will save you time. You may need to stop someone on the street to ask for help or directions. Knowing how to work your translator will make the process faster and easier for the person helping you. 

3. Practice Using the Translator's Tutor

Some travel translator apps also have a tutor to practice using the target language. These tutors allow you to practice a lot of the more common phrases people use in everyday conversation.

Learning to greet people politely will be a great start. Also becoming familiar with basic words will be very helpful. Start with common words like the hotel, airport, street, restaurant, and toilet, then add others you expect to encounter based on your itinerary.

Oftentimes even just knowing how to start the five W's and H questions can help you out in a lot of situations. These six words can assist you in starting many common questions. So even if you don't have a lot of time to use the tutor before you need to communicate in another language, try to learn these six words in your target language. 

4. Communicate with People Face to Face

The need to communicate with others when you are traveling can arise at any time. Everything from commuting from place to place, checking in and out of a hotel, and finding a place to eat can require seeking someone else's advice or information. 

By being able to translate from your native tongue to theirs, not only will you not end up eating something that doesn't work with your dietary preferences, but you can even get more specific advice. For instance, when you want to know which restaurant has the best food for a reasonable price or is suitable for a romantic dinner or special occasion. 

5. Talk on the Phone

There are many personal and business reasons people may need to speak with someone who speaks a different language. By using a travel translator, this becomes a much simpler exchange when both people use the travel translator's app to conduct the call. 

Both participants simply enter in the two languages they will be speaking and listening in. Then, when they each speak, the translator will deliver their words to the other in the language they requested. 

6. Broadcast to a Group

If you find yourself in a position where you need to speak in front of a group where you know people in the audience speak another language, a travel translator with a broadcast feature comes in handy. This allows you to speak to those who understand the language you are speaking in, after inviting those who don't, to listen to what you are saying through the translator's app.

By doing this, a speaker can communicate with a wider audience and still get their information across. The listeners can download the app and choose their preferred listening language. 

7. Engage in Multilingual Conversations

Some travel translator features allow you to engage in online meetings with many people at once, even if they are located all over the world. The travel translator's app allows a diverse group of people speaking different languages to communicate in a group setting.

When all the participants use the same translator app, they can set their device to translate the various languages being spoken so it sends it back to the participant in their native or preferred language.  

Buy a Travel Translator Today

Travel translators are useful under a lot of different circumstances. To be sure you are ready when the opportunity or need arises, shop for a travel translator today. That way, it will be there for you if a tourist asks you for help and when you're the one who is in need.

Contact us for help finding the perfect travel translator. We've got you covered.