Sabertooth VLT350 Smart Voice Language Translator

Sabertooth VLT350 Smart Voice Language Translator

Sabertooth VLT350 Smart Voice Language Translator


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The SabertoothPro Smart Voice Language Bluetooth Translator gives you the ability to have a conversation in any language, anywhere in the world.Travel the world and converse easily along the way. With our simple to use Voice Language Translator Earphone and Smart Bluetooth Language Translation App software you can communicate with confidence in any setting.

Our App is always learning, always giving you our latest AI technology. The TranslatorPro App connects to our servers via your device’s internet connection, allowing you to start translating online to provide seamless real-time voice translations.

The companion app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Presently the app translates 44 online real-time and 60 offline text foreign languages. Both Bluetooth Earphone models are lightweight and comfortable, and can be used to answer clear, stable phone calls directly with the touch of a button. SabertoothPro brings you technology to expand your world!

Choose from 6 Language Translation modes:

Face to Face Mode
Communicate in Real time with people you meet while traveling or conducting business, in any situation, all over the world. Users will be able to make new connections, regardless of language barriers.

Direct Talk Mode
Communicate in Real time with another person anywhere in the world. Users can talk with anyone using our app software, while on the phone with another person, in another country using our AI technology.

Group Chat Mode
Communicate in Real time with a group of people, each in their own language. For multiple people, simply start a meeting by creating a chat, and getting others to join your chat using our application.

Meeting Mode
Communicate easily in Real time in a private meeting setting with people. In order to change the languages, just tap on the icon meeting mode feature, and choose the desired language needed.

Broadcast Mode
Speak to a group of users each in their own foreign language.The screen layout has two icons, first the moderator, to create a broadcast meeting and the second icon for users to join a broadcast meeting. Type in the requested information and then tap create to start your broadcast meeting translation.

Language Tutor
Practice and learn languages using the SabertoothPro translating earphones. To choose the language you are interested in learning tap right icon on top and select the desired language from the drop down screen, with our
software it’s really that simple.

Start Translating in 4 Easy Steps:

1. Download the ST Translator Pro Application in Google Play or Apple Store.
2. Pair the SabertoothPro Earphone Smart Voice Language Translator.
3. Simply Connect to the Internet via Bluetooth function.
4. Start Immediately Translating Online as well as Offline.

Technology To Expand Your World!