Titan Wifi Home Pro Hotspot Device ( Don't delete ) Sabertooth Tech Group
Titan Wifi Home Pro Hotspot Device ( Don't delete ) Sabertooth Tech Group
Titan Wifi Home Pro Hotspot Device ( Don't delete ) Sabertooth Tech Group
Titan Wifi Home Pro Hotspot Device ( Don't delete ) Sabertooth Tech Group
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Titan WiFi Home Pro Hotspot Device

The Titan is engineered to utilize all three major 5G LTE mobile networks providing ultimate reliability

Powerful CPU and memory

Enables the best high speed, low latency dual-band wireless data connection.

15-Day Trial Period: If you're not enjoying the Titan Home Pro within 15 days, get your money back. (Refund does not include service or activation fees. See terms & conditions for more info)


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The Titan Home Pro

The New Generation Home Wifi Device

Up To 300GN+ More
Data Usage

#1 Fastest Wi fi

100% Nationwide

Titan Home WiFi Hotspot Device

Introducing the new Titan 4G Mobile/Home Pro hotspot that gives you unmatched performance, congestion monitoring and instant wireless network re-selection to find the strongest 4G signal from the top 3 mobile providers in the country. Allowing you fast 4G LTE technology speed, and the most reliable internet connection.

supporting up to 32 devices simultaneously. The Titan mobile and home pro Modem/Router comes standard with our patented CloudSIM technology, enabling SIM free connectivity, a pay as you go, no contract, smart choice for premium USA nationwide wireless coverage on phone. It’s time to go beyond what a single wireless carrier network can provide, and upgrade to the best Tri-Carrier next generation wireless network access provides. Keeping you connected in rural areas of the US, airports, recreational vehicles, or wherever life takes you!

Discover At SabertoothPro

Monthly Subscription

Don't lock yourself into a contract. Simply pay as a monthly subscription.

21-Day Trial Period

Easily submit a return within 21 days of purchase. Please see terms and conditions for details.

4G LTE Nationwide Coverage

It always connects to the strongest available connection.

US-Based Support

We are here to help you through every step of the process.

Benefits of Using Titan Home Wi Fi Hotspot Device

One of the best technologies you can take advantage of is a Wi Fi hotspot for your home. These devices can improve internet security, network performance, and connection stability for your phone and other devices. Don't settle for lower speeds of poor-quality Wi Fi in your home when you can use a top-notch 4G android mobile device.

Below are the top advantages of having a home Wi Fi spot. These hotspots are better than mobile hotspot and more beneficial whether you live alone in the city or have a large household in the middle of the countryside.

Quality Internet Connection: You can maintain fast and reliable connections with a home WiFi hotspot device. Internet performance is often quicker and more consistent.

Ease of Use: Setting up and connecting to a home Wi Fi hotspot is simpler than other Wi Fi systems but provides equal or better connections.

Wi Fi Sharing: One of the main benefits of a home Wi Fi hotspot is how easy sharing is between friends and family on the same hotspot. Earlier, mobile hotspots would only give you limited connectivity for this.

More Stable Connection: With a WiFi hotspot, you get a longer and more stable connection. Hotspots have more security because they operate independently from hardline networks.

Improve Your Connection with a Portable WiFi Hotspot Device

Counting on your smartphone's hotspot feature for your laptops and tablets' internet access during your time away from home? Well, it can quickly deplete your data and phone's battery unless you have an unlimited data plan.

Fortunately, using a portable hotspot device can save you money and also serve as a useful alternative if you need an additional internet connection. It lets you connect several Wi-Fi-enabled devices at the same time and give you solid connectivity and high-speed data.

The connectivity offered by portable hotspot devices can vary. While some devices can support 5G connections, others are only compatible with 4G. These technical differences affect the cost of the device and the associated data plan.

Less pricy Wi-Fi hotspots, such as the ones offered by prepaid carriers, are mostly limited to 4G or basic 5G networks. They are sufficient for minor tasks like checking email but cannot match the performance of the latest hotspots with 5G connections.

If you choose to invest in a 5G hotspot data, you can access high-speed internet with faster upload speeds and download speeds for all devices connected to your mobile network.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a home WiFi hotspot Device?

A WiFi hotspot device for home is a physical location where people can access the hotspot network through WiFi. You can use the WiFi near the property via a WLAN and router reliant on an internet service provider.

How does a home WiFi hotspot device work?

These hotspots use wireless data from cellular modems, giving you internet access on your smartphone and other devices. These WiFi spots utilize 4G networks for optimum speed and connection.

How do I set up a WiFi hotspot at home?

Setting up a hotspot is easy. Turn on the WiFi device and search for the network on your device. You should be able to connect to the network. If not, refer to the hotspot device's instructions for troubleshooting.

Can A Hotspot Be Used For Home Internet?

You can use a hotspot for home internet, but glitches could happen. Most people use it as a secondary connection because it can be painfully slow and unstable for heavy data usage. A hotspot is a limited resource and can only provide short hours of secure and reliable internet access at home.

Can I Get Unlimited Wi-Fi on A Hotspot?

Due to the limited capacity of cellular networks, companies cap the amount of data they offer to their customers. Because of this reason, hotspot data usage costs a bomb per gigabyte. So, even if you want unlimited WiFi access on a hotspot, you can only get it by spending a lot of money.

Do What Does Sabertooth's Home Internet Include?

We offer Titan home or mobile Wi-Fi hotspot devices with affordable plans. These devices connect your home WiFi hotspots to primary Internet providers like Xfinity or Verizon. You can use Titan's home Wi-Fi hotspot devices without an internet provider. We offer domestic US and international plans.

We also provide unlimited WiFi hotspot plans for fast and reliable internet access for your home. These affordable plans allow you to stream media, browse sites, and make video calls without latency issues.

A third option includes mobile WiFi hotspot plans for those who need a reliable and high-speed data plan for their tablets, laptops, and smartphones, eliminating the need for public Wi-Fi networks when you leave your house.

Is a 5G plan available for the Titan home WiFi hotspot device?

The Titan home WiFI currently uses 4G LTE network. For super-fast speeds to stream your favorite shows try out our powerful 5G Bolt device, giving you the potential of Ultra-fast Wideband 1 Gbps speed in certain areas of the US market.

Does the Wi-Fi connection Have User-adjustable Security Settings?

Yes, the Titan Home wifi device does offer customizable security settings, such as a customizable network name & password. It also can blacklist devices from the network.

What Is the Warranty on Titan Wifi Mobile Hotspot Device?

All new products come with a 15-day return period for refunds. They also include a year’s warranty for manufacturer defects. All claims must go through the provider.

What are the Terms of Service?

Please visit our Terms of Service page to get detailed information.

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Key Benefits

  • Dual Band Wireless Router

    Works with all three major LT networks in the U.S., automatically switches to the best service!

  • Supports Up To 32 Devices

    Securely connect up to 32 devices at once.

  • 15-Day Trial Period

    If you’re not enjoying Titan within 15 days, get your money back! (Refund does not include service or activation fees. See Terms & Conditions for more information.)


  • 2.4" Display Screen
  • Complete Multi-Carrier
  • FDD-LTE Bands: 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/9/12/13/17/18/19/20/25/26/28/34/38/39/40/41/66
  • WCDMA Bands: 1/2/4/5/6/8/9/19

Product Details

  • With the Titan 5G Home Pro you get all three major LTE nationwide wireless carriers, therefore ensuring the best signal coverage while traveling on business or simply on vacation. Increasing wifi coverage for consumers that live in rural locations, travel in recreational vehicles, boating or whatever application you need for the best Internet experience nationwide.