Translation Technology: How Bluetooth Translator Devices Work

Hands up if you’ve… 

Gone to a restaurant and felt like you’re mocking locals by “speaking” their language with a terrible accent. 

Felt rude asking others to switch to English. 

Tried to learn the language at home but can’t shake off those dark throwbacks to your awfully-taught Spanish classes in sixth grade. 

Don’t worry – you’re not the only one suffering these stresses. Only around 20% of Americans can speak two or more languages. That’s not great when you consider that 56% of Europeans and around half of the world can do the same. 

Not making an effort to learn a new language shuts you off from the world and denies you many opportunities. But at the same time, picking one up doesn’t need to be an avalanche of textbooks and stress. 

Have you ever thought about using Bluetooth translator devices to help you learn a new language? These can help you to pick up essential phrases from real-life conversations, plus more. 

In this article, you will discover how a Bluetooth translator device works.

Why You Must Learn a Language When Traveling or Moving Abroad

If you want your travels to be authentic, you must use a few phrases in the local language. 

If you visit Italy and don’t speak a word of Italian, like every other tourist, guess what? You’re going to have the same experience every other tourist has. 

Even if you only know a few phrases, locals will appreciate the effort. As an experiment, go to two different Spanish-speaking restaurants. Speak English in one, and Spanish in the other. Then come back and say where you had the best experience.  

Are you a student? Learning a new language can also improve your academic performance

If you’re moving somewhere, learning the language is even more essential. 

Often, important documents will only be produced in the local language – even if English is widely spoken. Some landlords and companies may refuse to translate their documents, too, which might later land you in a tricky situation. 

Knowing the language will also help in emergencies, especially away from the big cities. 

The Problem With Using Online Translation Tools

If you’ve ever used a Google translator device or similar, you’ll know all about the inaccuracies. One minute you’re trying to read a menu, and the next, you’re given a Shakesperian novel about coffee. 

But there’s a more serious reason you shouldn’t rely on some online translation tools. 

Have you typed sensitive information into Google Translate? 

Bad move. Once you type anything into Google Translate, what you write becomes the company’s property. And despite Google’s confidentiality laws, you should keep in mind that security hacks have occurred to even the largest organizations. 

Another problem with using translation apps is that they take time. Let’s be honest – how many people want to get their phone out every time they can't understand someone? 

Only to ask the other person to repeat themselves into voice translation? 

Or type words from a menu, not knowing if they’ll get an accurate description? 

Since you’re reading this article, you presumably are not one of those individuals. 

Why You Need a Bluetooth Translator

Okay, so now you know the biggest problems with using online translators. If you’re ready to ditch the inaccuracies and learn more smartly, Bluetooth translator devices can help you out. 

Here’s how. 

Learn as You Go

The best way to learn a new language is through immersion. And the best way to immerse yourself is by listening to the natives. 

The biggest advantage of using a Bluetooth translator is that you can learn in real-life situations. You only need to put the device in your ear and start listening. 

You can use these translators to learn useful phrases, and not “the cat is drinking the dog’s milk” or similar. 

Better Accuracy 

Often, sayings get lost in translation. While textbooks are great for vocabulary, you should keep in mind that the spoken recordings are often inaccurate. 

When you use a Bluetooth translator device, you will pick up how natives speak and hear accurate playbacks. And then, you can imitate these straight away. 

Understand Local Dialects Better

Another problem with textbooks and learning apps is they often ignore local dialects. If you visit Switzerland, the German spoken there will differ from what is spoken in Germany. 

When you use a Bluetooth translation device, you will pick up what people are saying in their local dialects easier. This is very difficult for textbooks to translate. 

Save Yourself Extra Suitcase Weight 

“I love how these books are weighing me down. I cannot wait to pay for a bigger baggage allowance!” – A famous quote from nobody, ever. 

Carrying extra phrasebooks takes up unnecessary space in your suitcase or backpack. You also stand out as a tourist when you use them, which could make you a target for pickpockets. 

Here’s How Bluetooth Translator Devices Work 

Bluetooth translator devices work similarly to wireless headphones. When you buy one, you’ll need to pair it up with your smartphone. Sometimes, you may need to download an app. 

After that, put the piece in your ear.

And then, you’re all set! You can then use the language translator device to start listening to others speak and understand what they’re saying.

Besides helping in real-life conversations, Bluetooth translators also allow you to practice your target language in your spare time. With Sabertooth Pro, you can use the Sabertooth Pro Smart Language Translator. 

You can also use these devices offline, as well as in business and social settings. 

Boost Your Language Proficiency and Wow the Locals

Learning a language neither needs to be tedious nor stressful. These days, you’ve got plenty of options to speak more like the locals and to do so faster. 

Bluetooth translator devices can help you reach your goals faster. You will learn what people say in their local dialect, learn critical phrases offline and remove inaccuracies. 

Are you still not convinced you need a Bluetooth language translator? Check out our other blog posts to find out more.